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To Save a Workbook in CSV File Format
Save the worksheet in a different fi le format.
Often, the best way to share data in a worksheet with other applications is to save the fi le
as a text fi le. The CSV fi le format is most the most common type of text fi le. When saving
data to a text fi le, Excel will place one row from the worksheet on one line of text. In this
case, each sales rep record will be represented on one line of text in the CSV fi le. The Grade
column is not included in the range to save because it is computed using the grade table,
which will not be part of the new fi le.
To Save a Workbook in CSV File Format
The following steps show how to save the table (range A8:I21) in the Silver Photography Accessories Sales
Rep Table workbook in a CSV (Comma delimited) fi le format so that the fi le can be read by most applications. In
this example, the table is copied to a new workbook, saved using the CSV fi le format, and then displayed and printed
in Notepad.
Click the Home tab on the Ribbon.
Offi ce
Select the table in the
range A8:I21.
border of
column A
Click the Copy button on
the Ribbon.
Click the Offi ce Button
and then click New on the
Offi ce Button menu.
When the New Workbook dialog
box is displayed, click the Create
With cell A1 selected in the new
workbook, click the Paste button
on the Ribbon.
Click the Select All button, point
to the right border of the column
A heading, and double-click to set
all column widths to best fi t.
Select cell A16 (Figure 5–68).
Figure 5–68
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