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Chapter Summary
To Quit Excel
The following steps quit Excel.
1 Click the Close button on the right side of the title bar.
2 If the Microsoft Offi ce Excel dialog box is displayed, click the No button.
Chapter Summary
In this chapter, you learned how to create, sort, and fi lter a table (also called a database); create subtotals; use
database functions such as SUMIF and COUNTIF; and save a workbook in different fi le formats. The items listed
below include all the new Excel skills you have learned in this chapter.
1. Format a Range as a Table (EX 346)
2. Validate Data (EX 348)
3. Modify a Table Quick Style (EX 351)
4. Enter Records in a Table (EX 353)
5. Add New Fields to a Table (EX 355)
6. Create a Lookup Table (EX 357)
7. Use the VLOOKUP Function to Determine Letter
Grades (EX 359)
8. Add a Conditional Formatting Rule with an Icon
Set (EX 362)
9. Use the Total Row Check Box (EX 365)
10. Print the Table (EX 368)
11. Sort a Table in Ascending Sequence by Name Using
the Sort & Filter Button (EX 369)
12. Sort a Table in Descending Sequence by Name
Using the Sort Z to A Button on the Data Tab
(EX 370)
13. Sort a Table Using the Sort Command on a Column
Heading AutoFilter Menu (EX 371)
14. Sort a Table on Multiple Fields Using the Custom
Sort Command (EX 372)
15. Display Automatic Subtotals in a Table (EX 375)
16. Zoom Out on a Subtotaled Table and Use the
Outline Feature (EX 377)
17. Remove Automatic Subtotals from a Table (EX 379)
18. Sort a Table Using a Column Heading List (EX 379)
19. Query a Table Using AutoFilter (EX 380)
20. Show All Records in a Table (EX 382)
21. Enter Custom Criteria Using AutoFilter (EX 383)
22. Create a Criteria Range on the Worksheet (EX 385)
23. Query a Table Using the Advanced Filter Dialog
Box (EX 386)
24. Create an Extract Range and Extract
Records (EX 388)
25. Use the DAVERAGE and DCOUNT Database
Functions (EX 391)
26. Use the SUMIF and COUNTIF Functions
(EX 393)
27. Save a Workbook in CSV File Format (EX 396)
28. Use Notepad to Open and Print the CSV
File (EX 398)
If you have a SAM user profi le, you may have access to hands-on instruction, practice, and
assessment. Log in to your SAM account ( to launch any assigned
training activities or exams that relate to the skills covered in this chapter.
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