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Extend Your Knowledge
Extend Your Knowledge
Extend the skills you learned in this chapter and experiment with new skills. You may need to
use Help to complete the assignment.
More Conditional Formatting
Instructions: Start Excel. Open the workbook Extend 5-1 Jensen Basketball Poles from the Data Files
for Students. See the inside back cover of this topic for instructions for downloading the Data Files for
Students or see your instructor for information on accessing the fi les required in this topic. You have
been asked to add conditional formatting to highlight the lowest and highest total expenses, and to
add conditional formatting to show data bars for net income that is greater than zero (Figure 5–73).
Complete the following tasks to add and manage conditional formatting rules in the worksheet.
Rules Manager
dialog box
Stop If True
check box
lowest value in
range B20:F20
highest value
in range B20:
second rule not
applied if fi rst rule’s
condition is true
Figure 5–73
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