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4. The values used by the conditional formatting rule to choose each arrow style are incorrect and
should be based on the values listed in the grade table. Edit the conditional formatting rule so that
the values in the grade table are refl ected in the rules.
5. Correct the third argument in the DAVERAGE function used to calculate the average male age.
6. Correct the second and third arguments in the SUMIF function used to calculate the grade A
YTD sales sum.
7. Change the document properties as specifi ed by your instructor. Change the worksheet header
with your name, course number, and other information requested by your instructor.
8. Save the workbook and submit the revised workbook as requested by your instructor.
In the Lab
Create a workbook using the guidelines, concepts, and skills presented in this chapter. Labs
are listed in order of increasing diffi culty.
Lab 1: Creating, Filtering, and Sorting a Table and Determining Subtotals
Problem: You are employed by Whitman Publishing, a company that supplies textbooks to the college
market. The national sales force is divided into districts within divisions within regions. The three
regions are the Southeast region (1), Midwest region (2), and Western region (3). The director of the
Accounting department has asked you to create a sales rep table (Figure 5–75), run queries against the
table, generate various sorted reports, and generate subtotal information.
Figure 5–75
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