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Lab 3: Creating a Table with a Lookup Function
Problem: You are a member of the Do-Gooders’ Student Club, a club for young adults interested in
helping the less fortunate. The president has asked for a volunteer to create a table of the club’s mem-
bers (Figure 5–80). You decide it is a great opportunity to show your Excel skills. Besides including a
member’s GPA in the table, the president also would like a GPA letter grade assigned to each member
based on the GPA value in column G.
Instructions Part 1:
Perform the following tasks to create the table shown in the range A7:H17 in
Figure 5–80.
1. Bold the entire worksheet. Create the table shown in Figure 5–80 using the techniques learned
in this chapter. Assign appropriate formats to row 8, the row immediately below the fi eld names.
Rename the Sheet1 tab and delete Sheet2 and Sheet3.
2. Enter the data shown in the range A8:G17.
3. Enter the Grade table in the range J6:K20. In cell H8, enter the function =vlookup(g8,
$j$8:$k$20, 2) to determine the letter grade that corresponds to the GPA in cell G8. Copy
the function in cell H8 to the range H9:H17.
Figure 5–80
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