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The requirements document for the NextDVR Profi t Potential workbook is
shown in Figure 6–2. It includes the needs, source of data, summary of calculations, chart
requirements, special requirements, and other facts about its development.
Workbook Survival
For workbooks to be
successful and survive
their expected life cycle
in a business environ-
ment, they must be
well documented and
easy to understand. You
document a workbook
by adding comments to
cells that contain com-
plex formulas or to cells
containing content that
may not be understood
easily. The documenta-
tion also should take
into consideration those
who will maintain the
workbook after you
leave. You create easy to
understand workbooks
by reviewing alterna-
tive designs prior to
creating the workbook.
The more time you
spend documenting and
designing a workbook,
the easier it will be for
users and spreadsheet
maintenance specialists
to understand.
Figure 6–2
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