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To Enter Dummy Data in the Template Using the Fill Handle
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NOW function
displays current
system date
worksheet title
and subtitle in
cells A1 and A2
Dummy Numbers
As you develop more
sophisticated workbooks,
it will become increas-
ingly important that you
create good test data to
ensure your workbooks
are free of errors. The
more you test a work-
book, the more confi dent
you will be in the results
generated. Always take
the time to select test
data that tests the limits
of the formulas.
column titles
in row 4
row titles in the
range A5:A12
Figure 6–5
To Enter Dummy Data in the Template Using the Fill Handle
While creating the NextDVR template in this chapter, dummy data is used for the units on hand values in the
range B5:B11 and the average unit cost values in the range C5:C11. The dummy data is entered by using the fi ll handle
to create a series of numbers in columns B and C. The series in column B begins with 1 and increments by 1; the series
in column C begins with 2 and increments by 2. Recall that you must enter the fi rst two numbers in a series so that Excel
can determine the increment amount. If the cell to the right of the start value is empty and you want to increment by 1,
however, you can create a series by entering only one number as shown in the following steps.
Select cell B5.
Type 1 and then press the
ENTER key.
Select the range B5:C5.
Drag the fi ll handle through cells
B11 and C11. Do not release the
mouse button (Figure 6–6).
series start
value is at 1
cell to right of cell with
series start value
ScreenTip indicates series
stop value resulting from
dragging fi ll handle
through row 11
Figure 6–6
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