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To Assign a Currency Style Using the Format Dialog Box
Click Format Cells on
the shortcut menu.
When Excel displays
the Format Cells dia-
log box, if necessary
click the Number
tab, click Currency
in the Category list,
and then click the
red ($1,234.10) in the
Negative numbers
list (Figure 6–20).
Format Cells
dialog box
sample of how
formatted value
of $280.00 will
appear in cell D12
Number tab
Currency category
two decimal
desired negative
number format
OK button
Figure 6–20
Click the OK
button to assign the
Currency style with a
fl oating dollar sign
and two decimal
places to the ranges
C5:G5 and D12:G12.
Select cell A14
to deselect the
nonadjacent ranges
(Figure 6–21).
Currency Style format
assigned to
nonadjacent ranges
formatted cells are
properly aligned;
others will be
aligned when they
are formatted
Figure 6–21
Other Ways
1. Press CTRL + 1 , click
Number tab, select
format, click OK
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