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To Create and Assign a Custom Format Code and a Comma Style Format
Select the range
C6:G11, right-click
the selected range,
and then click
Format Cells on the
shortcut menu.
Format Cells
dialog box
When Excel displays
the Format Cells dia-
log box, if necessary,
click the Number
tab, and then click
Custom in the
Category list.
sample of how formatted
value of $4.00 will appear
in cell C6
Number tab
red changed
to blue
edit customized
format code in
this box
If necessary, scroll
down and then
click #,##0.00_);
[Red](#,##0.00) in the
Type list.
Custom category
In the Type text box,
change the word Red
to Blue (Figure 6–22).
What is displayed in
the dialog box?
The Custom format
has been modifi ed
to show negative
numbers in blue. In
the Sample area,
Excel displays a sam-
ple of the custom
format assigned to
the fi rst number in
the selected range.
OK button
Figure 6–22
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