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To Create a New Style
Click the OK button to display the
numbers in the range C6:G11 using
the custom format code created in
Step 1.
Comma Style button
Select the range B5:B12, click
the Comma Style button on
the Ribbon, and then click the
Decrease Decimal button on the
Ribbon twice to display the num-
bers in the range B5:B12 using
the Comma style format with no
decimal places (Figure 6–23).
Decrease Decimal
Select cell A14.
Can I reuse the custom format code?
Yes. When you create a new
custom format code, Excel adds it
to the bottom of the Type list in
the Number sheet in the Format
Cells dialog box to make it
available for future use.
Comma style
format with no
decimal places
custom format #,##0.00_);
[Blue](#,##0.00) applied to
range C6:G11
Figure 6–23
To Create a New Style
A style is a group of format specifi cations that are assigned to a style name. Most of the cell styles in the Cell
Styles gallery that is displayed when you click the Cell Styles button on the Home tab include formatting only of
visual characteristics, such as font, font size, font color, and fi ll color. Excel makes several general styles available
with all workbooks and themes, as described in Table 6–3. You can apply these existing styles to a cell or cells in a
worksheet, modify an existing style, or create an entirely new style.
Table 6–3 Styles Available with All Workbooks via the Cell Styles Button on the Home Tab
Style Name
Number = General; Alignment = General, Bottom Aligned; Font = Arial 10; Border = No
Borders; Patterns = No Shading; Protection = Locked
Number = (*#,##0.00);_(*(#,##0.00);_(*”-”_);_(@_)
Number = (*#,##0_);_(*(#,##0);_(*”-”_);_(@_)
Number = ($#,##0.00_);_($*(#,##0.00);_($*”-”??_);_(@_)
Number = ($#,##0_);_($*(#,##0);_($*”-”_);_(@_)
Number = 0%
Using the New Cell Style button in the Cell Styles gallery on the Home tab, you can create and then assign a
style to a cell, a range of cells, a worksheet, or a workbook in the same way you assign a format using the buttons on
the Ribbon. In fact, the Comma Style button, Currency Style button, and Percent Style button assign the Comma,
Currency, and Percent styles in Table 6–3, respectively. Excel automatically assigns the Normal style in Table 6–3 to
all cells when you open a new workbook.
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