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To Create a New Style
By right-clicking styles in the Style gallery, you also can delete, modify, and duplicate styles. The Merge Styles
button in the Cell Styles gallery allows you to merge styles from other workbooks. You add a new style to a workbook
or merge styles when you plan to use a group of format specifi cations over and over.
The following steps show how to create a new style called Four-Digit Year by modifying the existing Normal
style. The new style will include the following formats: Number = 14-Mar-2001 and Alignment = Horizontal Center
and Bottom Aligned.
After the Four-Digit Year style is created, it will be assigned to cell G3, which contains the system date.
Click the Cell Styles
button on the Home
tab on the Ribbon
to display the
Cell Styles gallery
(Figure 6–24).
Cell Styles button
Cell Styles
New Cell Style
Figure 6–24
Click the New Cell
Style button in the
Cell Styles gallery.
Style dialog box
style name changed from
Style 1 to Four-Digit Year
When Excel displays
the Style dialog box,
type Four-Digit
Year as the
new style name
(Figure 6–25).
Format button
Style 1 style format
specifi cations
Figure 6–25
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