Microsoft Office Tutorials and References
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To Create a New Style
Click the Format button to display
the Format Cells dialog box.
Format Cells
dialog box
When Excel displays the Format
Cells dialog box, if necessary,
click the Number tab, click
Date in the Category list, and
then click 14-Mar-2001 in the
Type list (Figure 6–26).
Number tab
Date category
format selected in
Type list
OK button
Figure 6–26
Click the Alignment tab, click the
Horizontal box arrow, click Center
in the Horizontal list, and then
click the OK button.
When the Style dialog box
becomes active, click Font, Border,
Fill, and Protection to clear the
check boxes (Figure 6–27).
Click the OK button to add the
new Four-Digit Year style to the
list of styles available with the
NextDVR Profi t Potential Template
fi le in the Cell Styles gallery.
Four-Digit Year
style format
specifi cations
OK button
Figure 6–27
Other Ways
1. Press ALT + H , J , N
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