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To Add a Worksheet to a Workbook
Save As dialog box
Click the Open button in the Open
dialog box.
Address bar
When Excel displays the NextDVR
Profi t Potential Template, click the
Offi ce Button and then click Save
As on the Offi ce Button menu.
When the Save As dialog box
appears, type NextDVR Profi t
Potential in the File name box.
Click the Save as type box arrow
and then click Excel Workbook
(Figure 6–32).
Save as type box
fi le name
Click the Save button in the
Save As dialog box to save the
instructs Excel to
save template as
a workbook
Save button
How does Excel automatically select
the fi le type and fi le name?
In a production environment in
which templates are saved to the
Templates folder, Excel automati-
cally selects Excel Workbook as
the fi le type when you attempt to
save a template as a workbook.
Excel also appends the digit 1 to
the template name as described
Figure 6–32
To Add a Worksheet to a Workbook
A workbook contains three worksheets by default. The number of worksheets you can have in a workbook is
limited only by the amount of memory in your computer.
Identify additional worksheets needed in the workbook.
The NextDVR Profi t Potential workbook requires four worksheets — one for each of the
three regions and one for the company totals. Thus, a worksheet must be added to the
When you add a worksheet, Excel places the new sheet tab to the left of the active tab. To keep the worksheet
with the dummy data shown in Figure 6–29 on page EX 443 on top — that is, to keep its tab (Sheet1) to the far
left — spreadsheet specialists often add a new worksheet between Sheet1 and Sheet2, rather than to the left of
Sheet1. The following steps select Sheet2 before adding a worksheet to the workbook.
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