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To Add a Worksheet to a Workbook
Click the Sheet2 tab
at the bottom of the
window and then
click the Insert Cells
button arrow on the
Home tab on the
Ribbon to display
the Insert menu
(Figure 6–33).
Insert Cells button
Insert menu
Insert Sheet
Sheet2 selected
Figure 6–33
Click Insert Sheet
to add a fourth
worksheet named
Sheet 4 between
Sheet 1 and Sheet 2
(Figure 6–34).
Can I start a new
workbook with
more sheets?
Yes. An alternative
to adding work-
sheets is to change
the default num-
ber of worksheets
before you open a
new workbook. To
change the default
number of worksheets in a blank workbook, click the Excel Options button on the Offi ce Button menu, and then change
the number in the ‘Include this many sheets‘ box in the ‘When creating new workbooks’ area of the Excel Options dialog
box. Recall from Chapter 4 that you can delete a worksheet by right-clicking the sheet tab of the worksheet you want to
delete and then clicking Delete on the shortcut menu.
new Sheet4 inserted
between Sheet1 and
Figure 6–34
Other Ways
1. Right-click tab, click
Insert on shortcut menu
2. Press ALT + H , I , S
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