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To Copy the Contents of a Worksheet to Other Worksheets in a Workbook
Click the Sheet4 tab.
While holding down the SHIFT key,
click the Sheet3 tab so all three
blank worksheets in the workbook
are selected.
Paste button
[Group] indicates
multiple worksheets
are selected
Click the Paste button on the
Ribbon to copy the data on the
Offi ce Clipboard to Sheet4, Sheet2,
and Sheet3 (Figure 6–36).
Why does the word Group appear
on the title bar?
Because multiple worksheets are
selected, the term [Group] follows
the template name on the title bar.
Click the Sheet1 tab and then press
the ESC key to remove the mar-
quee surrounding the selection.
Sheet4, Sheet2, and
Sheet3 selected
Hold down the SHIFT key and then
click the Sheet3 tab. Select cell A14.
contents of Sheet4
after copy and paste
Hold down the SHIFT key and then
click the Sheet1 tab to deselect
Sheet4, Sheet2, and Sheet3
(Figure 6–37).
Figure 6–36
Click the Save button on the Quick
Access Toolbar.
Can I use the ENTER key to paste
the data?
Yes. The ENTER key could have
been used to complete the paste
operation in Step 2, rather than
the Paste button on the Ribbon.
Recall that if you complete a paste
operation using the ENTER key,
then the marquee disappears and
the Offi ce Clipboard no longer
contains the copied data following
the action. Because the Paste but-
ton on the Ribbon was used, the
ESC key was used in Step 3 to clear
the marquee and Offi ce Clipboard
of the copied data.
Sheet4, Sheet2, and
Sheet3 deselected
Figure 6–37
Other Ways
1. Select source area, click Copy
button on Home tab, select
worksheets, click Paste but-
ton on Home tab
2. Right-click source area, click
Copy on shortcut menu,
select worksheets, click Paste
on shortcut menu
3. Select source area, press
CTRL + C , select worksheets,
press CTRL + V
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