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To Enter and Copy 3-D References Using the Paste Button Menu
1 Double-click the Sheet1 sheet tab, type Company and then press the ENTER key. Right-click
the Company tab, point to Tab Color on the shortcut menu, and then click Light Blue
(column 7, row 1 in the Standard Colors area) on the Color palette.
2 Double-click cell A2, drag through the word, Region, and then type Company as the
worksheet subtitle. Press the ENTER key.
To Enter and Copy 3-D References Using the Paste Button Menu
The following steps enter the 3-D references used to determine the total units on hand for each of the seven
DVR companies. In these steps, the Formulas command on the Paste button menu on the Ribbon is used to com-
plete the paste operation. When the Formulas command is used, the paste operation pastes only the formulas,
leaving the formats of the destination area unchanged.
Select cell B5 and
then click the Sum
button on the
Ribbon to display
the SUM func-
tion and ScreenTip
(Figure 6–43).
Sum button
subtitle changed
no range added
within parentheses
because text data
is above and to the
left of cell B5
cell B5 should
contain sum of
Louisville, Kansas
City, and Portland
Units on Hand
sheet renamed
Company and tab
color changed
Figure 6–43
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