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To Enter and Copy 3-D References Using the Paste Button Menu
SUM function
entered in cell B5
of Company sheet
Click the Louisville tab and then
click cell B5. While holding down
the SHIFT key, click the Portland
tab to surround cell Louisville!B5
with a marquee (Figure 6–44).
Enter box
marquee surrounds
selected cell on
Louisville sheet
Louisville units
on hand data
Kansas City and
Portland sheets
SUM function
entered on
Company sheet
Louisville sheet
Figure 6–44
Click the Enter box in the formula
bar to enter the SUM function
with the 3-D references in cell
Company!B5 (Figure 6–45).
SUM function with 3-D
references entered in
cell Company!B5
991 in cell B5 is
sum of cell B5 on
Louisville sheet (335),
Kansas City sheet
(403), and Portland
sheet (253)
after SUM function
entered, new
Company sheet tab
name appears
Figure 6–45
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