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More About Pasting
Click Formulas on
the Paste button
menu to copy the
SUM function in
cell B5 to the range
B6:B11 (Figure 6–48)
and automatically
adjust the cell refer-
ences in the SUM
function to refer-
ence the correspond-
ing cells on the
three sheets in the
Press the ESC key to
clear the marquee
surrounding cell B5
and then select
cell A14 to deselect
the range B6:B11.
total units on hand at
the three stores for each
brand of DVR
Click the Save button
on the Quick Access
Toolbar to save
the NextDVR Profi t
Potential workbook.
total units on
hand for entire
company profi t
potential based on
current units on hand
of all three regions
Figure 6–48
More About Pasting
If you click the Paste button on the Ribbon to complete the paste operation, rather
than using the Formulas command as shown in Figure 6–47 on the previous page, then any
formats assigned to cell B5 also will be copied to the range B6:B11. Completing the paste
operation by using the fi ll handle or by pressing the ENTER key also will copy any formats
from the source area to the destination area. When you use the Formulas command on the
Paste button menu, Excel copies the SUM function, but not the format, assigned to cell B5.
In this example, the format assigned to cell B5 is the same as the format assigned to the
range B6:B11, so it does not matter if you use the Paste button or the Formulas command.
In many cases, however, the formats of the source area and destination area differ; the Paste
button menu, thus, is a useful option to complete the copy and paste operation. Table 6–8
summarizes the commands available on the Paste button menu, as shown in Figure 6–47.
Table 6–8 Paste Button Menu Commands
Pastes in the same manner as clicking the Paste button.
Pastes the formulas from the source area, but not the formats.
Paste Values
Pastes the value of the formula from the source area, but not the formulas or formats.
No Borders
Pastes the formula and all formats from the source area, except for borders.
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