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Drawing the Clustered Cone Chart
Table 6–8 Paste Button Menu Commands (continued)
Pastes the formula and formats from the source area, but transposes the columns and rows.
For example, if you are summing numbers in a column in the source area, then Excel will sum
numbers in a row in the destination area.
Paste Link
Pastes the cell reference of the source area in the destination area.
The Move Chart
The Move Chart button
on the Design contextual
tab on the Ribbon can
be used to move a chart
from a chart sheet to
a worksheet. Click the
Move Chart button on
the Ribbon, select the
Object in check box, and
then select a destination
worksheet for the chart
in the Object in list in the
Move Chart dialog box.
Paste Special
Displays the Paste Special dialog box that allows you to choose what you want pasted from
the source area to the destination area.
Paste as Hyperlink
Pastes the contents of the Offi ce Clipboard as a hyperlink, which you then can edit.
As Picture
Displays the As Picture submenu, which allows you to convert the contents of the Offi ce
Clipboard to an image.
Drawing the Clustered Cone Chart
The requirements document shown in Figure 6–2 on page EX 420 requires a Clustered
Cone chart. The Clustered Cone chart is similar to a 3-D Bar chart in that it can be
used to show trends or illustrate comparisons among items.
Plan the layout and location of the required chart.
The Clustered Cone chart in Figure 6–49, for example, compares the total profi t potential
of the different brands of DVRs in inventory. The chart should be placed on a separate
worksheet so that the company and region worksheets maintain a similar look. WordArt is
used to draw the refl ected chart title, Profi t Potential, in an eye-catching and professional
format. A text box, arrow, and brace are used to highlight the DVR brand with the greatest
profi t potential.
cones show profi t
potential for different
types of DVRs
chart title drawn
using WordArt
text box, arrow,
and brace added to
emphasize greatest
profi t potential
Clustered Cone
chart drawn on
separate sheet
Figure 6–49
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