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To Save a Workbook
Type Walk and Rock
Music 1st Quarter
Sales in the File name
text box to change the
fi le name. Do not press
the ENTER key after
typing the fi le name
(Figure 1–42).
What characters can I
use in a fi le name?
A fi le name can have
a maximum of 255
characters, includ-
ing spaces. The only
invalid characters are
the backslash (\ ), slash
(/), colon (:), asterisk
(*), question mark (?),
quotation mark (“),
less than symbol (<),
greater than symbol (>),
and vertical bar (|).
selected words in default
fi le name automatically
are replaced when you
type new fi le name
clicking Cancel
button will
close Save As
dialog box
text boxes allow you to add to
or change Authors and Tags fi le
properties, which can be displayed
in dialog boxes that have a File list
Figure 1–42
If Computer is not
displayed in the Favorite
Links section, drag the
top or bottom edge
of the Save As dialog
box until Computer is
Favorite Links
Click Computer in the
Favorite Links
section to display a
list of available drives
(Figure 1–43).
list of available
drives (your list
may differ)
If necessary, scroll until
UDISK 2.0 (E :) appears
in the list of available
Why is my list of fi les,
folders, and drives
arranged and named
differently from those
shown in the fi gure?
Your computer’s confi guration determines how the list of fi les and folders is displayed and
how drives are named. You can change the save location by clicking links on the
Favorite Links section .
workbook to be
saved on USB
fl ash drive
Figure 1–43
How do I save the fi le if I am not using a USB fl ash drive?
Use the same process, but be certain to select your device in the list of available drives.
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