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To Draw the Clustered Cone Chart
Click the Legend
button on the
Ribbon and then
click None to remove
the legend from
the right side of the
chart (Figure 6–53).
Legend button
Click the Axis Titles
button on the
Ribbon to display the
Axis Titles menu.
chart enlarged after
legend removed
Point to Primary
Horizontal Axis Title
on the Axis Titles
menu and then
click Title Below
Axis in the Primary
Horizontal Axis Title
gallery to add a title
to the horizontal axis.
Select the horizontal
axis title and type
Company as the new
title (Figure 6–54).
What does the
chart show?
The Clustered Cone
chart compares the
profi t potential of
the seven different
brands of digital
cameras. You can see
from the chart that,
of the DVRs in inven-
tory, the Toshiba
brand DVRs have
the greatest profi t
potential and the
Motorola brand cam-
eras have the least
profi t potential.
Figure 6–53
Axis Titles button
Axis Titles button
horizontal axis title
added and changed
to Company
Other Ways
1. Select range, click Chart
type button in Charts
group on Insert tab, click
Chart type in gallery
2. Select range, press F11
Figure 6–54
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