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To Add a Text Box, Arrow, and Brace to the Chart
To Add a Text Box, Arrow, and Brace to the Chart
A text box, arrow, and a brace can be used to annotate (call out or highlight) other objects or elements in a
worksheet or chart. For example, in a worksheet, you may want to annotate a particular cell or group of cells by
adding a text box, arrow, and brace. In a chart, you may want to emphasize a column or slice of a Pie chart.
A text box is a rectangular area of variable size in which you can add text. You use the sizing handles to resize
a text box in the same manner you resize an embedded chart or a WordArt object. If the text box has the same color
as the background, then the text appears as if it was written freehand, because the box itself does not show. An arrow
allows you to connect an object, such as a text box, to an item that you want to annotate. A brace allows you to point
out a large item or a group of items that you want to annotate.
The following steps add the text box, arrow, and brace indicated in the sketch of the chart in Figure 6–3b on
page EX 422 and also shown in Figure 6–49 on page EX 461.
Click the Insert tab on the Ribbon.
Click the Shapes button on the
Ribbon to display the Shapes
gallery (Figure 6–62).
Insert tab
Shapes button
Text box button
Shapes gallery
Figure 6–62
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