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To Add a Text Box, Arrow, and Brace to the Chart
Click the Text Box button (column 1,
row 1) in the Shapes gallery to
select it.
Point to the upper-left corner of
the planned text box location,
and then drag the crosshair to the
lower-right corner.
With the insertion point active
in the text box, type Greatest
Profi t Potential as the text to
display in the text box as shown in
Figure 6–63.
What if the Text Box button is
not in that location in the Shapes
When Excel is fi rst installed on
a computer, it places commonly
used shapes in the Recently Used
Shapes area in the Shapes gallery.
If users of your computer have
used other shapes, they may have
displaced the Text Box button in
the Recently Used Shapes area.
The Text Box shape also appears
as the fi rst shape in the Basic
Shapes area in the Shapes gallery.
shape added to
chart above fourth
and fi fth cones and
text in box changed
to Greatest Profi t
Figure 6–63
Format tab
Subtle Line – Dark
1 shape style
Click the Insert tab on the Ribbon,
click the Shapes button on the
Ribbon, and then click the Left
Brace button in the Shapes gallery
(column 4, row 2).
brace shape added
to chart and color
Point to the bottom-left corner of
the Toshiba cone and then drag
up to the top of the Toshiba cone
and then slightly to the left to
draw the brace.
Click the Subtle Line - Dark 1
shape style in the Shape Styles
group to select it and change the
color of the brace (Figure 6–64).
Why should I add the brace before
adding the arrow?
The arrow will connect the text
box shape and the brace shape.
Placing the start and ending
points of the arrow will be easier
with the targets already in place.
Figure 6–64
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