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To Add a Header and Footer, Change Margins, and Center the Printout Horizontally
Click the Page Setup
Dialog Box Launcher
to display the Page
Setup dialog box.
Page Setup
dialog box
Margins tab
When Excel displays
the Page Setup dia-
log box, if necessary,
click the Margins tab.
Header is .3” from
top of page
Top box
Double-click the Top
box and then type
1.5 to change the
top margin to
1.5 inch.
Left and Right boxes
Enter .5 in both the
Left box and Right
box to change
the left and right
margins to .5 inch.
Bottom box
center printout
center printout
Click the Horizontally
check box in the
‘Center on page’ area
to select it. This
will center the work-
sheet on the page
horizontally (Figure 6–67).
OK button
Figure 6–67
Click the OK button
in the Page Setup
dialog box to close it.
worksheet displayed in
Page Layout view
Click the Page
Layout button on
the status bar to dis-
play the worksheet
in Page Layout view
(Figure 6–68).
Page Layout button
Figure 6–68
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