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To Insert and Remove a Page Break
To Insert and Remove a Page Break
When you print a worksheet or use the Page Setup dialog box, Excel inserts page breaks that show the
boundaries of what will print on each page. These page breaks are based upon the margins selected in the Margins
sheet in the Page Setup dialog box and the type of printer you are using. If the Page breaks option is selected, then
Excel displays dotted lines on the worksheet to show the boundaries of each page. For example, the dotted line in
Figure 6–73 shows the right boundary of the fi rst page. If the dotted line does not show on your screen, then click
Excel Options on the Offi ce Button menu. When Excel displays the Excel Options dialog box, click the Advanced
command to display Advanced Excel options. Scroll the window until the ‘Display options for this worksheet’ area
appears. Click the Show page breaks check box (Figure 6–75 on page EX 480).
You can insert both horizontal and vertical page breaks in a worksheet. Manual page breaks are useful if you
have a worksheet that is several pages long and you want certain parts of the worksheet to print on separate pages. For
example, say you had a worksheet that comprised ten departments in sequence and each department had many rows
of information. If you wanted each department to begin on a new page, then inserting page breaks would satisfy the
To insert a horizontal page break, you select a cell in column A or an entire row that you want to print on the
next page and then click the Breaks button on the Page Layout tab. When the Breaks menu is displayed, click the
Insert Page Break command. To insert a vertical page break, you select a cell in row 1 or an entire column that you
want to print on the next page and then click the Insert Page Break command. Excel displays a dotted line to indi-
cate the beginning of a new page. To remove a page break, you select the cell in the row immediately below or to
the right of the dotted line that indicates the page break you want to remove and then click the Remove Page Break
command on the Insert Breaks menu. Excel also includes a Page Break view that allows you to change page breaks
by dragging them.
The following steps insert both a horizontal and vertical page break.
With the Company sheet active,
select cell B12 and then click the
Page Layout tab on the Ribbon.
Page Layout tab
Breaks button
Click the Breaks button on the
Ribbon and then click Insert Page
Break on the Breaks menu to insert
a page break (Figure 6–73).
What appears on the worksheet?
Excel inserts a dotted line above
row 12 indicating a horizontal
page break and inserts a dotted
line to the left of column B
indicating a vertical page break
(Figure 6–73).
page 1
page 3
page 2
page 4
Figure 6–73
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