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To Hide Page Breaks
With cell B12 active,
click the Breaks but-
ton on the Ribbon
to display the Breaks
menu (Figure 6–74).
Breaks button
Click Remove Page
Break to remove the
page breaks.
Is there a way to
move page breaks?
Yes. An alternative
to using the Breaks
command on the
Page Layout tab on
the Ribbon to insert
page breaks is to
click the Page Break
Preview button on
the status bar. When
the Page Break pre-
view appears, you
can drag the blue
boundaries, which
represent page
breaks, to new
Remove Page
Break command
Breaks menu
page break
original page
break remains
Figure 6–74
Other Ways
1. Click Page Break Preview
button on View tab, click
OK button, drag page
2. Select cell, press
ALT + P , B , I
To Hide Page Breaks
When working with a workbook, page breaks can be an unnecessary distraction, especially to users who have
no interest in where pages break. The following steps show how to hide the dotted lines that represent page breaks.
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