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Saving a Workbook as a PDF or XPS file
Offi ce Button
Excel Options
dialog box
Click the Offi ce
Button and then click
the Excel Options
button on the Offi ce
Button menu.
When Excel displays
the Excel Options
dialog box, click the
Advanced button to
display Advanced
Excel options.
Scroll the window
until the ‘Display
options for this
worksheet’ area
Show page breaks
check box
Click the ‘Show page
breaks’ check box to
clear the check box
(Figure 6–75).
OK button
Figure 6–75
Click the OK button
to hide the page
breaks as shown in
Figure 6–76.
dotted line
representing vertical
page break hidden
Figure 6–76
Other Ways
1. Press ALT + P , B , R
Saving a Workbook as a PDF or XPS fi le
Excel provides additional options for distributing your fi nal workbook project. Often
you may want to distribute copies of a workbook to others who do not have access to Excel.
The printed pages shown in Figure 6–72 on page EX 477 provide one method for distrib-
uting the workbook. Excel also allows you to distribute an electronic version of the printed
pages using two different fi le formats: PDF and XPS. For each of these fi le formats, the
workbook appears in an electronic format to the reader of the workbook, with one work-
sheet displayed as a separate page. The reader may not make changes to the documents;
they, therefore, often are considered electronic printed versions of the workbook.
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