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The Find and Replace Commands
Click Find.
When Excel displays
the Find and Replace
dialog box, click the
Options button so
that it appears as
shown in Figure 6–78.
Find and Replace
dialog box
Format button
string to fi nd
Within box
Type Toshiba in
the Find what box,
click the Within
box arrow, select
Workbook, and then
click the Match case
and ‘Match entire
cell contents’ check
boxes to select them
(Figure 6–78).
check box determines if
search is case sensitive
search entire
Find Next
check box determines
if string must be
unique in cell
Why does the
appearance of the
Options button change?
The two greater than signs pointing to the left on the Options button indicate that the more comprehensive Find and
Replace dialog box is active.
Figure 6–78
Click the Find Next
button to cause Excel
to begin the search
at cell A1 on the
Company sheet
and make cell A11
the active cell
(Figure 6–79)
because it is the fi rst
cell to match the
search string.
Excel makes fi rst
cell with matching
string Toshiba the
active cell
Continue clicking
the Find Next button
to fi nd the string,
Toshiba, on the
other sheets in the
Find Next
Figure 6–79
Click the Close
button in the Find and Replace dialog box to terminate the process and close the Find and Replace dialog box.
What if Excel does not fi nd the search string?
If the Find command does not fi nd the string for which you are searching, Excel displays a dialog box indicating it has
searched the selected worksheets and cannot fi nd the search string.
Other Ways
1. Press CTRL + F
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