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Working with the Find and Replace Dialog Box
Working with the Find and Replace Dialog Box
The Format button in the Find and Replace dialog box in Figure 6–78 allows you
to fi ne-tune the search by adding formats, such as bold, font style, and font size, to the
string. The Within box options include Sheet and Workbook. The Search box indicates
whether the search will be done vertically through rows or horizontally across columns.
The Look in box allows you to select Values, Formulas, or Comments. If you select
Values, Excel will look for the search string only in cells that do not have formulas. If you
select Formulas, Excel will look in all cells. If you select Comments, Excel will look only
in comments. If you select the Match case check box, Excel will locate only cells in which
the string is in the same case. For example, philips is not the same as Philips. If you select
the ‘Match entire cell contents’ check box, Excel will locate only the cells that contain the
string and no other characters. For example, Excel will fi nd a cell entry of Philips, but not
Philips DVRs.
To Replace a String with Another String
The Replace command is used to replace the found search string with a new string. You can use the Find Next
and Replace buttons to fi nd and replace a string one occurrence at a time, or you can use the Replace All button to
replace the string in all locations at once. The following steps show how to use the Replace All button to replace the
string, Philips, with the string, Royal Philips, formatted as red italic font.
With the Company sheet active,
click the Find & Select button on
the Ribbon and then click Replace.
Find & Select
When Excel displays the Find and
Replace dialog box, type Philips
in the Find what box and Royal
Philips in the Replace with box.
Find and Replace
dialog box
Click the Format button to the
right of the Replace with box.
When Excel displays the Replace
Format dialog box, click the Font
tab, click the Color box arrow,
click Red (column 2, row 1 in the
Standard colors area), click Italic in
the Font style list, and then click
the OK button.
Replace tab
preview of italic red
format to use with
replacement string
string to fi nd
with string
If necessary, click the Within box
arrow and then click Workbook.
search entire
If necessary, click the Match
case and ‘Match entire cell con-
tents’ check boxes to select them
(Figure 6–80).
Find Next
Replace All
Figure 6–80
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