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To Search for and Open Workbooks
To Search for and Open Workbooks
Excel has a powerful search tool that you can use to locate workbooks (or any fi le) stored on disk. You search
for fi les using the Search text box in the Open dialog box. If you view fi les on the Data Files for Students, then you
would see the four workbooks listed in the right column of Table 6–10. The following steps, however, show how to
search for workbooks when you cannot remember exactly the name of the fi le or its location. In this example, the
string NDVR (the fi rst four characters in the workbook names) will be used to locate the workbooks. The located
workbooks then are opened and arranged so that each one appears in its own window.
Start Excel following the steps on
page EX 423 and then click the
Offi ce Button.
Search box
Click Open on the Offi ce Button
menu and then select UDISK (E:) in
the Address bar (Figure 6–82).
UDISK 2.0 (E:)
drive selected
Type NDVR in the Search box.
Figure 6–82
Press the ENTER key to display a list
of the four workbooks described
in Table 6–10 on the previous page
in the File list (Figure 6–83).
Excel found four
fi les in drive E: with
NDVR in fi le name
of workbook
Figure 6–83
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