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To Search for and Open Workbooks
In the File list, while holding down
the CTRL key, click each of the
three region workbook names
one at a time and then click the
company workbook name.
Switch Windows
Arrange All
Click the Open button to open the
four workbooks.
active workbook
Switch Windows
Click the View tab on the Ribbon
and then click the Switch Windows
button to display the names of the
four workbooks with a check mark
to the left of the active workbook
(Figure 6–84).
Figure 6–84
Click the Arrange All button on
the Ribbon.
When Excel displays the Arrange
Windows dialog box, click Vertical,
and then, if necessary, click the
‘Windows of active workbook’
check box to clear it (Figure 6–85).
How can I arrange workbooks in
the Excel window?
As shown in Figure 6–85,
multiple opened workbooks can
be arranged in four ways. The
option name in the Arrange
Windows dialog box identifi es
the resulting window’s confi gura-
tion. You can modify any of the
arranged workbooks by clicking
within its window to activate it.
To return to showing one work-
book, double-click its title bar
as described in Step 6 on the
next page.
Arrange Windows
dialog box
ways to arrange workbooks
in Excel window
Vertical option
button selected
Windows of active
workbook check box
OK button
Figure 6–85
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