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To Create a Workspace File
Click the OK button in
the Arrange Windows
dialog box to display
the four opened
workbooks as shown
in Figure 6–86.
four workbooks tiled
vertically in Excel
Double-click the
NDVR Company
Profi t Potential title
bar to maximize it
and hide the other
opened workbooks.
Figure 6–86
Other Ways
1. Press ALT + F , O
To Create a Workspace File
If you plan to consolidate data from other workbooks, it is recommended that you fi rst bind the workbooks
together using a workspace fi le. A workspace fi le saves information about all the workbooks that are open. The
workspace fi le does not contain the actual workbooks; rather, it stores information required to open the fi les associ-
ated with the workspace fi le, including fi le names, which fi le was active at the time of the save, and other display
settings. To create a workspace fi le, click the Save Workspace button on the View tab on the Ribbon. After you cre-
ate and save a workspace fi le, you can open all of the associated fi les by opening the workspace. The following steps
show how to create a workspace fi le from the fi les opened in the previous set of steps.
With the four NDVR workbooks
opened and the Company Profi t
Potential workbook active, if nec-
essary, click the View tab on the
Ribbon (Figure 6–87).
View tab
Save Workspace
NDVR Company
Profi t Potential
Workbook active
Figure 6–87
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