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Chapter Summary
Offi ce Security Options dialog box and asks if you would like to enable automatic update
of links. If you click the ‘Enable this content’ option button and click the OK button in the
dialog box, Excel reads the data in the source workbooks and recalculates formulas in the
dependent workbook, but it does not open the source workbooks.
If the three source workbooks are open along with the dependent workbook as in
the previous set of steps, Excel automatically updates the links (recalculates) in the NDVR
Company Profi t Potential workbook when a value changes in any one of the source
Certifi cation
The Microsoft Certifi ed
Application Specialist
(MCAS) program provides
an opportunity for you to
obtain a valuable indus-
try credential — proof
that you have the Excel
2007 skills required
by employers. For
more information, see
Appendix G or visit the
Excel 2007 Certifi cation
Web page (
To Close All Workbooks at One Time and Quit Excel
To close all four workbooks at one time and quit Excel, complete the following steps.
1 Click the Offi ce Button and then click the Exit Excel button on the Offi ce Button menu.
2 If Excel displays the Microsoft Offi ce Excel dialog box, click the No button.
Chapter Summary
In this chapter, you learned how to create and use a template, customize formats, create styles, change chart types,
draw and enhance a Clustered Cone chart using WordArt, annotate using text boxes and arrows, use 3-D reference
to reference cells in other sheets, add, remove, and change pages breaks, use the Find and Replace commands, and
create a workspace fi le. The items listed below include all the new Excel skills you have learned in this chapter.
1. Save the Template (EX 433)
2. Create and Assign a Custom Format Code and a
Comma Style Format (EX 438)
3. Create a New Style (EX 440)
4. Apply a New Style (EX 443)
5. Open a Template and Save It as a Workbook
(EX 446)
6. Add a Worksheet to a Workbook (EX 447)
7. Copy the Contents of a Worksheet to Other
Worksheets in a Workbook (EX 449)
8. Drill an Entry through Worksheets (EX 451)
9. Enter and Copy 3-D References Using the Paste
Button Menu (EX 457)
10. Format the Clustered Cone Chart (EX 465)
11. Add a Chart Title Using the WordArt Tool (EX 466)
12. Add a Text Box, Arrow, and Brace to the Chart
(EX 469)
13. Add a Header and Footer, Change Margins, and
Center the Printout Horizontally (EX 472)
14. Add a Header to the Clustered Cone Chart Sheet
(EX 475)
15. Print All Worksheets in a Workbook (EX 476)
16. Print Nonadjacent Sheets in a Workbook (EX 476)
17. Insert and Remove a Page Break (EX 478)
18. Hide Page Breaks (EX 479)
19. Find a String (EX 481)
20. Replace a String with Another String (EX 483)
21. Search for and Open Workbooks (EX 486)
22. Create a Workspace File (EX 488)
23. Consolidate Data by Linking Workbooks (EX 489)
If you have a SAM user profi le, you may have access to hands-on instruction, practice, and
assessment. Log in to your SAM account ( to launch any assigned
training activities or exams that relate to the skills covered in this chapter.
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