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Make It Right
Make It Right
Analyze a workbook and correct all errors and/or improve the design.
Chart Manipulation, Using WordArt, and Correcting 3-D Cell References
Instructions: Start Excel. Open the workbook Make It Right 6-1 Gems for Everyone and then save the
workbook as Make It Right 6-1 Gems for Everyone Complete. See the inside back cover of this topic
for instructions for downloading the Data Files for Students or see your instructor for information on
accessing the fi les required in this topic. Correct the following design and formula problems so that the
Company Totals sheet appears with an embedded chart as shown in Figure 6–92.
Figure 6–92
Perform the following tasks:
1. Click the Chart sheet tab to display the 3-D Pie chart and then click the chart.
2. Click the Design tab on the Ribbon and then complete the following chart tasks:
a. Change the 3-D Pie Chart to Clustered Cylinder Chart (column 1, row 2 in the Column area).
b. Change the chart layout to Layout 4 by clicking the More arrow (lower arrow) in the Chart
Layouts group and choosing Layout 4. One at a time, select each of the total numbers at the top of
the columns. Change the font size to 6 by typing 6 in the Font Size box on the Home tab on the
Ribbon. Drag the total numbers above the cylinders. Delete the Series 1 label below the chart.
c. Click the More arrow (lower arrow) in the Chart Styles group on the Design tab on the Ribbon
to display the Chart Styles gallery. Choose Style 40 (column 8, row 5).
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