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3. Move the chart to a separate sheet by clicking the Move Chart button on the Design tab on the
Ribbon. Name the sheet tab Chart and color the sheet tab red. Drag the Chart sheet tab to the
far right.
4. Increase the font size of the labels on both axes to 12-point bold. Increase the font size of the legends
on the right side of the chart to 14-point.
5. Apply the chart colors shown in Figure 6–94 to the cylinders and to the walls by right-clicking the
items one at a time and selecting the appropriate commands.
6. Use the WordArt button on the Insert tab on the Ribbon to add the chart title Annual Sales and
Returns. Select Fill - Accent, 2 Matte Bevel (column 3, row 6) from the WordArt gallery.
7. Add the two text boxes and arrows and change their colors to red as shown in Figure 6–94.
8. Add a header to the Chart sheet with your name, course number, and other information requested
by your instructor. Add the page number and total number of pages to the footer. Preview and
print all fi ve sheets at one time. Save the workbook and then close the workbook.
9. Submit the assignment as specifi ed by your instructor.
Figure 6–94
Instructions Part 3: Complete the following tasks.
1. Start Excel. Open the workbook Lab 6-1 Part 2 Rings and Things Annual Sales Analysis. Do not
save the workbook in this part.
2. Select cell A1 on the Consolidated worksheet. Select all the worksheets except for the Chart sheet.
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