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Graphics Feature Introduction
Graphics Feature Introduction
Like a chart, a graphic or image often conveys information or an idea better than words
or numbers. You insert and modify graphics and images in order to enhance the visual
appeal of an Excel workbook. Many of the skills you learn when working with graphics
and images in Excel will be similar when working in Word, PowerPoint, or Outlook.
Project — Adding SmartArt and Images to a
The director of the Malik Legal Services Information Technology department would like to
enhance the department’s directory to be more visually appealing to those inside and outside
of the department. The directory currently exists in a table in an Excel worksheet. The
director would like a photograph and department organization chart added to the directory.
Figure 1 shows the results of adding and modifying both a SmartArt graphic and an
image. The SmartArt graphic is arranged as an organization chart. Other boxes and levels
of the organization can be added to the graphic quickly. The SmartArt graphic also can
be resized, positioned, and formatted much in the same way in which you have worked
with charts in previous chapters. The image on the top right is a photograph that has been
inserted into the worksheet, resized, repositioned, and formatted with a rounded corner
and refl ection.
As you read through this feature, you will learn how to create and modify SmartArt
graphics and insert and modify images by performing the following tasks:
• Insert a SmartArt graphic on a worksheet
• Modify a SmartArt graphic
• Add effects to a SmartArt graphic
• Insert an image on a worksheet
• Modify an image on a worksheet
General Project Decisions
1. Choose the type of graphic to use for the organization chart. The requirements for the
worksheet ask for an organization chart. The SmartArt graphics provided with most
Microsoft Offi ce applications include a template for an organization chart. Using the
built-in SmartArt graphics organization chart template is, therefore, a good starting
point for the chart.
2. Determine the contents and layout of the organization chart. The organization chart
refl ects the hierarchy of the organization that it represents. An organization hierarchy
can be inferred from the job titles shown in the table in Figure 1.
3. Specify the formatting for the organization chart. Because visual appeal is important, the
chart should be formatted with 3-D effects, and colors should be added to make the chart
more appealing.
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