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Graphics Feature Introduction
( continued )
4. Obtain the image to be used in the worksheet. The image to be used is included with the
Data Files for Students. Once the image is inserted on the worksheet, the image fi le no longer
is needed because a copy of the image becomes part of the worksheet. When obtaining an
image, you must use only those images for which you have permission. Several sources exist
that provide royalty-free images, meaning that you do not have to pay for the image to use it.
5. Determine placement and formatting for the image. Placing the image to the right of the
table is appropriate because the image is not likely to change size over time. The orga-
nization chart, however, may change size in the future and should be placed below the
table and image. If the organization gets larger, the worksheet provides more space be-
low the table and image for this growth. The image also can be set off from the table by
using a rounded border. An artistic refl ection of the image provides an additional visual
enhancement to the worksheet.
When necessary, more specifi c details concerning the above guidelines are presented at
appropriate points in the feature. The feature also will identify the actions you perform and
decisions made regarding these guidelines during the addition of the organization chart
and image to an existing worksheet.
image inserted
in worksheet
Chart type
effects added
to image
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