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Working with SmartArt Graphics
Working with SmartArt Graphics
A SmartArt graphic is a customizable diagram that you use to pictorially present lists,
processes, and relationships. For example, the manufacturing process to produce an
item can be illustrated with a SmartArt graphic. Excel includes seven types of SmartArt
graphics: List, Process, Cycle, Hierarchy, Relationship, Matrix, and Pyramid. Each type
of graphic includes several layouts, or templates, from which to choose. After selecting
a SmartArt graphic type and layout, you customize the graphic to meet your needs and
present your information and ideas in a compelling manner.
To Open a Workbook, Turn Off Gridlines, and Insert an Organization Chart
Many entities maintain an organization chart that represents the hierarchy of the employees in the
organization. The following steps open a workbook that contains an employee list, and then add, move, and
size a SmartArt organization chart.
Connect a USB fl ash
drive to one of the
computer’s USB ports.
Gridlines check
box check
mark removed
View tab
Start Excel and then
open the workbook,
Malik Legal Services
IT Department, from
the Data Files for
Save the workbook
using the fi le name,
Malik Legal Services
IT Department
Click the View tab on
the Ribbon and then
click the Gridlines
check box to turn
off gridlines on the
worksheet (Figure 2).
Why should I turn
off gridlines?
Although useful
during the process of
creating a worksheet, many spreadsheet specialists remove the gridlines to reduce the clutter on the screen. This is especially
true when working with graphics and images on a worksheet.
removed from
Figure 2
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