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Working with SmartArt Graphics
SmartArt Tools
Design tab
contextual tab
is displayed
Click the OK button
to insert an
Organization Chart
SmartArt graphic
in the worksheet. If
necessary, click the
Text Pane button on
the Ribbon to dis-
play the Text pane.
(Figure 4).
Chart SmartArt
graphic inserted
in worksheet
top sizing
Text pane
What is displayed on
the screen?
Two panes are added
to the worksheet.
The left pane is the
Text pane. The Text
pane is displayed
only when the chart
is selected. The Text
pane includes one
line for each box in
the chart and allows
you to add text to
the chart quickly.
The right pane is the
SmartArt graphic
with the Hierarchy
type and the
Organization Chart
layout. The chart is
displayed over the
data in the work-
sheet, but it will be
repositioned in the
following steps.
top level
of chart
level of
Figure 4
top of SmartArt
graphic moved to
bottom of row 13
Text pane moved
to right side of
SmartArt graphic
While holding down
the ALT key, click and
drag the top of the
chart to the bottom
of row 13.
right edge of
SmartArt graphic
moved to right
edge of column H
left sizing
Click the middle
sizing handle on
the right edge of
the chart and while
holding down the ALT
key, drag the sizing handle until the right edge of the chart is aligned with the right edge of column H.
Figure 5
Drag the Text pane to the right side of the chart (Figure 5).
Why should I drag the Text pane to the right side of the chart?
The chart will be widened further to the left. If the Text pane remains on the left side of the chart, then it will display on
top of the resized chart and obscure the view of the chart.
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