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To Change the Font Type
highlighted Bold
button indicates
bold font style
Cambria font
type selected
in Font box
font size 18
selected in
Font Size box
Click the Title cell style
to apply the cell style to
cell A1 (Figure 1–49).
Why do several items
in the Font group on
the Ribbon change?
The changes to the
Font box, Bold button,
and Font Size box indi-
cate the font changes
applied to the active
cell, cell A1, as a result
of applying the Title
cell style.
Title cell
style applied
to cell A1
Figure 1–49
To Change the Font Type
Different font types often are used in a worksheet to make it more appealing to the reader. The following
steps show how to change the worksheet subtitle’s font type from Calibri to Cambria.
Click cell A2 to make
cell A2 the active cell.
Font box
Click the Font box
arrow on the Ribbon
to display the Font
gallery (Figure 1–50).
Which fonts are
displayed in the Font
Because many
applications supply
additional font types
beyond what comes
with the Windows
Vista operating
system, the number
of font types
available on your
computer will depend
on the applications
installed. This book
uses only font types that
come with the Windows Vista operating system and Microsoft Offi ce.
Font gallery
A2 is
active cell
Figure 1–50
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