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To Add Shapes and Modify Text in the Organization Chart
Click the top shape
in the organization
chart and then type
Phil Johansen
to add text to the
shape (Figure 10).
Why does Excel add
the same text to the
Text pane?
As changes are made
to text in the chart,
the Text pane refl ects
those changes as an
outline. You can type
text in the shapes or
type text in the Text
pane, as shown in
the following step.
text typed in shape
automatically added
to corresponding
entry in Text pane
top shape
Figure 10
Click the entry under
Phil Johansen in the
Text pane to select it.
Type Carrie Pecak
in the second line
of the Text pane
to change the text
in the shape in the
second level of the
organization chart
(Figure 11).
text typed in Text pane
automatically added to
corresponding shape
second level
shape selected
Figure 11
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