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To Insert and Modify an Image in the Worksheet
Scroll the worksheet
vertically until row 1
Click anywhere in
the image and while
pressing the ALT key,
drag the image so
that its upper-left
corner is aligned
with the upper-left
corner of cell E1.
Picture Styles
More button
While pressing the
ALT key, drag the
lower-right sizing
handle of the image
to the lower-right
corner of cell I12
(Figure 19).
Why should I press
the ALT key as I drag
and resize the image?
When you press the
ALT key as you drag
or resize an image,
Excel snaps, or aligns,
the image to the
borders of a cell. If
you do not hold the
ALT key, the corners
of the image can be
placed anywhere
within a cell.
image moved to
new location in
Figure 19
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