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In Depth Information
Feature Summary
Refl ected
picture style
Click the Picture
Styles More button
on the Ribbon to
display the Picture
Styles gallery.
Point to a variety of
picture styles in the
Picture Styles gallery
and then point to
a variety of styles
in the galleries to
preview them in the
Point to the
Refl ected Rounded
Rectangle picture
style (column 5,
row 1) to see a
preview of the style
in the worksheet
(Figure 20).
preview of image
with refl ection and
rounded border
Figure 20
Click the Refl ected Rounded Rectangle picture style to apply the style to the image.
Click the Save button on the Quick Access Toolbar.
Other Ways
1. Press ALT + N , P
To Quit Excel
The following steps quit Excel.
1 Click the Close button on the right side of the title bar.
2 If Excel displays a Microsoft Offi ce Excel dialog box, click the Yes button to save the workbook.
Feature Summary
This Graphics feature introduced you to inserting and modifying SmartArt graphics and images. The items listed
below include all the new Offi ce 2007 skills you have learned in this Web feature.
1. Open a Workbook, Turn Off Gridlines, and Insert
an Organization Chart (EX 510)
2. Add Shapes and Modify Text in the Organization
Chart (EX 514)
3. Change the Position of Shapes and Add Effects to
the Organization Chart (EX 518)
4. Insert and Modify an Image in the Worksheet
(EX 522)
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