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Office 2007 and the Internet, World Wide Web, and Intranets
Microsoft has bundled additional programs in some versions of Offi ce 2007, in addition to
the main group of Offi ce programs. Table B–1 on the previous page lists the components of the
various Offi ce suites.
In addition to the Offi ce 2007 programs noted previously, Offi ce 2007 suites can
contain other programs. Microsoft Offi ce OneNote 2007 is a digital notebook program that
allows you to gather and share various types of media, such as text, graphics, video, audio,
and digital handwriting. Microsoft Offi ce InfoPath 2007 is a program that allows you to
create and use electronic forms to gather information. Microsoft Offi ce Groove 2007 pro-
vides collaborative workspaces in real time. Additional services that are oriented toward the
enterprise solution also are available.
Offi ce 2007 and the Internet, World Wide Web, and
Offi ce 2007 allows you to take advantage of the Internet, the World Wide Web, and
intranets. The Microsoft Windows operating system includes a browser , which is a program that
allows you to locate and view a Web page. The Windows browser is called Internet Explorer.
One method of viewing a Web page is to use the browser to enter the Web address for
the Web page. Another method of viewing a Web page is clicking a hyperlink. A hyperlink
is colored or underlined text or a graphic that, when clicked, connects to another Web page.
Hyperlinks placed in Offi ce 2007 documents allow for direct access to a Web site of interest.
An intranet is a private network, such as a network used within a company or organi-
zation for internal communication. Like the Internet, hyperlinks are used within an intranet
to access documents, pages, and other destinations on the intranet. Unlike the Internet, the
materials on the network are available only for those who are part of the private network.
Online Collaboration Using Offi ce
Organizations that, in the past, were able to make important information available
only to a select few, now can make their information accessible to a wider range of indi-
viduals who use programs such as Offi ce 2007 and Internet Explorer. Offi ce 2007 allows
colleagues to use the Internet or an intranet as a central location to view documents,
manage fi les, and work together.
Each of the Offi ce 2007 programs makes publishing documents on a Web server as
simple as saving a fi le on a hard disk. Once placed on the Web server, users can view and
edit the documents and conduct Web discussions and live online meetings.
Using Microsoft Offi ce 2007
The various Microsoft Offi ce 2007 programs each specialize in a particular task. This
section describes the general functions of the more widely used Offi ce 2007 programs,
along with how they are used to access the Internet or an intranet.
Microsoft Offi ce Word 2007
Microsoft Offi ce Word 2007 is a full-featured word processing program that
allows you to create many types of personal and business documents, including fl yers,
letters, resumes, business documents, and academic reports.
Word’s AutoCorrect, spelling, and grammar features help you proofread
documents for errors in spelling and grammar by identifying the errors and offering
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