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Microsoft Office Excel 2007
suggestions for corrections as you type. The live word count feature provides you with a
constantly updating word count as you enter and edit text. To assist with creating specifi c
documents, such as a business letter or resume, Word provides templates, which provide a
formatted document before you type the text of the document. Quick Styles provide a live
preview of styles from the Style gallery, allowing you to preview styles in the document
before actually applying them.
Word automates many often-used tasks and provides you with powerful desktop
publishing tools to use as you create professional looking brochures, advertisements, and
newsletters. SmartArt allows you to insert interpretive graphics based on document content.
Word makes it easier for you to share documents for collaboration. The Send feature
opens an e-mail window with the active document attached. The Compare Documents
feature allows you easily to identify changes when comparing different document versions.
Word 2007 and the Internet Word makes it possible to design and publish Web
pages on the Internet or an intranet, insert a hyperlink to a Web page in a word processing
document, as well as access and search the content of other Web pages.
Microsoft Offi ce Excel 2007
Microsoft Offi ce Excel 2007 is a spreadsheet program that allows you to organize
data, complete calculations, graph data, develop professional looking reports, publish
organized data to the Web, and access real-time data from Web sites.
In addition to its mathematical functionality, Excel 2007 provides tools for visually
comparing data. For instance, when comparing a group of values in cells, you can set cell
backgrounds with bars proportional to the value of the data in the cell. You can also set cell
backgrounds with full-color backgrounds, or use a color scale to facilitate interpretation of
data values.
Excel 2007 provides strong formatting support for tables with the new Style Preview
Excel 2007 and the Internet Using Excel 2007, you can create hyperlinks within
a worksheet to access other Offi ce documents on the network or on the Internet. Work-
sheets saved as static, or unchanging Web pages can be viewed using a browser. The
person viewing static Web pages cannot change them.
In addition, you can create and run queries that retrieve information from a Web page and
insert the information directly into a worksheet.
Microsoft Offi ce Access 2007
Microsoft Offi ce Access 2007 is a comprehensive database management system
(DBMS). A database is a collection of data organized in a manner that allows access,
retrieval, and use of that data. Access 2007 allows you to create a database; add, change,
and delete data in the database; sort data in the database; retrieve data from the database;
and create forms and reports using the data in the database.
Access 2007 and the Internet Access 2007 lets you generate reports, which are
summaries that show only certain data from the database, based on user requirements.
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