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Microsoft Office PowerPoint 2007
Microsoft Offi ce PowerPoint 2007
Microsoft Offi ce PowerPoint 2007 is a complete presentation graphics program
that allows you to produce professional looking presentations. With PowerPoint 2007,
you can create informal presentations using overhead transparencies, electronic presen-
tations using a projection device attached to a personal computer, formal presentations
using 35mm slides or a CD, or you can run virtual presentations on the Internet.
PowerPoint 2007 and the Internet PowerPoint 2007 allows you to publish
presentations on the Internet or other networks.
Microsoft Offi ce Publisher 2007
Microsoft Offi ce Publisher 2007 is a desktop publishing program (DTP) that
allows you to design and produce professional quality documents (newsletters, fl yers, bro-
chures, business cards, Web sites, and so on) that combine text, graphics, and photographs.
Desktop publishing software provides a variety of tools, including design templates, graphic
manipulation tools, color schemes or libraries, and various page wizards and templates.
For large jobs, businesses use desktop publishing software to design publications that are
camera ready , which means the fi les are suitable for production by outside commercial
printers. Publisher 2007 also allows you to locate commercial printers, service bureaus, and
copy shops willing to accept customer fi les created in Publisher.
Publisher 2007 allows you to design a unique image, or logo, using one of more
than 45 master design sets. This, in turn, permits you to use the same design for all your
printed documents (letters, business cards, brochures, and advertisements) and Web
pages. Publisher includes 70 coordinated color schemes; 30 font schemes; more than
10,000 high-quality clip art images; 1,500 photographs; 1,000 Web-art graphics;
340 animated graphics; and hundreds of unique Design Gallery elements (quotations,
sidebars, and so on). If you wish, you also can download additional images from the
Microsoft Offi ce Online Web page on the Microsoft Web site.
Publisher 2007 and the Internet Publisher 2007 allows you easily to create a
multipage Web site with custom color schemes, photographic images, animated images, and
Microsoft Offi ce Outlook 2007
Microsoft Offi ce Outlook 2007 is a powerful communications and scheduling
program that helps you communicate with others, keep track of your contacts, and organize
your schedule. Outlook 2007 allows you to view a To-Do bar containing tasks and appoint-
ments from your Outlook calendar. Outlook 2007 allows you to send and receive electronic
mail (e-mail) and permits you to engage in real-time communication with family, friends, or
coworkers using instant messaging. Outlook 2007 also provides you with the means to orga-
nize your contacts, and you can track e-mail messages, meetings, and notes with a particular
contact. Outlook’s Calendar, Contacts, Tasks, and Notes components aid in this organiza-
tion. Contact information is available from the Outlook Calendar, Mail, Contacts, and Task
components by accessing the Find a Contact feature. Personal information management
( PIM ) programs such as Outlook provide a way for individuals and workgroups to organize,
fi nd, view, and share information easily.
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