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a SharePoint site, and allow for the creation of a unique site that can allow users to access
and make changes to information stored on the site.
Large SharePoint sites that include multiple pages can be created using templates
as well. Groups needing more refi ned and targeted sharing options than those available
with SharePoint Server 2007 and Windows SharePoint Services can add SharePoint
Designer 2007 to create a site that meets their specifi c needs.
Depending on which components have been selected for inclusion on the site, users
can view a team calendar, view links, read announcements, and view and edit group docu-
ments and projects. SharePoint sites can be set up so that documents are checked in and
out, much like a library, to prevent multiple users from making changes simultaneously.
Once a SharePoint site is set up, Offi ce programs are used to perform maintenance of
the site. For example, changes in the team calendar are updated using Outlook 2007,
and changes that users make in Outlook 2007 are refl ected on the SharePoint site.
Offi ce 2007 programs include a Publish feature that allows users easily to save fi le updates
to a SharePoint site. Team members can be notifi ed about changes made to material on
the site either by e-mail or by a news feed, meaning that users do not have to go to the site
to check to see if anything has been updated since they last viewed or worked on it. The
search feature in SharePoint allows users quickly to fi nd information on a large site.
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