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APPENDIX C Microsoft Office Excel 2007 Help
Appendix C
Microsoft Offi ce
Excel 2007 Help
Using Microsoft Offi ce Excel 2007 Help
This appendix shows how to use Microsoft Offi ce Excel Help. At any time while you are
using one of the Microsoft Offi ce 2007 programs, you can use Offi ce Help to display
information about all topics associated with the program. This appendix uses Microsoft
Offi ce Excel 2007 to illustrate the use of Offi ce Help. Help in other Offi ce 2007 programs
responds in a similar fashion.
In Offi ce 2007, Help is presented in a window that has Web browser-style navigation
buttons. Each Offi ce 2007 program has its own Help home page, which is the starting Help
page that is displayed in the Help window. If your computer is connected to the Internet,
the contents of the Help page refl ect both the local help fi les installed on the computer and
material from Microsoft’s Web site. As shown in Figure C–1, two methods for accessing
Excel’s Help are available:
1. Microsoft Offi ce Excel Help button near the upper-right corner of the Excel
2. Function key F 1 on the keyboard
Microsoft Offi ce
Excel Help button
Figure C–1
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