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The Excel Help Window
The Excel Help Window
The Excel Help window provides several methods for accessing help about a particular
topic, and also has tools for navigating around Help. Methods for accessing Help include
searching the help content installed with Excel, or searching the online Offi ce content
maintained by Microsoft.
Figure C–3 shows the main Excel Help window. To navigate Help, the Excel Help
window includes search features that allow you to search on a word or phrase about which
you want help; the Connection Status button, which allows you to control where Excel
Help searches for content; toolbar buttons; and links to major Help categories.
Search Features
You can perform Help searches on words or phrases to fi nd information about
any Excel feature using the ‘Type words to search for’ text box and the Search button
(Figure C–4a). Click the ‘Type words to search for’ text box and then click the Search
button or press the ENTER key to initiate a search of Excel Help.
Search button
Search button
Type words
to search
for text box
Status menu
Search menu
Connection Status
button indicates online
search to be performed
Figure C–4
Excel Help offers the user the option of searching the online Help Web pages
maintained by Microsoft or the offl ine Help fi les placed on your computer when you
install Excel. You can specify whether Excel Help should search online or offl ine from
two places: the Connection Status button on the status bar of the Excel Help window, or
the Search button arrow on the toolbar. The Connection Status button indicates whether
Help currently is set up to work with online or offl ine information sources. Clicking the
Connection Status button provides a menu with commands for selecting online or offl ine
searches (Figure C–4b). The Connection Status menu allows the user to select whether
help searches will return content only from the computer (offl ine), or content from the
computer and from Offi ce Online (online).
Clicking the Search button arrow also provides a menu with commands for an online
or offl ine search (Figure C–4a). These commands determine the source of information that
Help searches for during the current Help session only. For example, assume that your pre-
ferred search is an offl ine search because you often do not have Internet access. You would
set Connection Status to ‘Show content only from this computer’. When you have Internet
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