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Toolbar Buttons
access, you can select an online search from the Search menu to search Offi ce Online for
information for your current search session only. Your search will use the Offi ce Online
resources until you quit Help. The next time you start Help, the Connection Status once
again will be offl ine. In addition to setting the source of information that Help searches for
during the current Help session, you can use the Search menu to further target the cur-
rent search to one of four subcategories of online Help: Excel Help, Excel Templates, Excel
Training, and Developer Reference. The local search further can target one subcategory,
Developer Reference.
In addition to searching for a word or string of text, you can use the links provided
on the Browse Excel Help area (Figure C–3) on page APP 10 to search for help on a topic.
These links direct you to major help categories. From each major category, subcategories
are available to further refi ne your search.
Finally, you can use the Table of Contents for Excel Help to search for a topic
the same way you would in a hard copy book. The Table of Contents is accessed via a
toolbar button.
Toolbar Buttons
You can use toolbar buttons to navigate through the results of your search. The
toolbar buttons are located on the toolbar near the top of the Help Window (Figure C–5).
The toolbar buttons contain navigation buttons as well as buttons that perform other
useful and common tasks in Excel Help, such as printing.
Show Table
of Contents
Not On
On Top
Change Font
Size button
Figure C–5
The Excel Help navigation buttons are the Back, Forward, Stop, Refresh, and
Home buttons. These fi ve buttons behave like the navigation buttons in a Web browser
window. You can use the Back button to go back one window, the Forward button to go
forward one window, the Stop button to stop loading the current page, and the Home
button to redisplay the Help home page in the Help window. Use the Refresh button to
reload the information requested into the Help window from its original source. When
getting Help information online, this button provides the most current information from
the Microsoft Help Web site.
The buttons located to the right of the navigation buttons — Print, Change Font
Size, Show Table of Contents, and Not on Top — provide you with access to useful and
common commands. The Print button prints the contents of the open Help window. The
Change Font Size button customizes the Help window by increasing or decreasing the
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